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Beautiful Earth launches special skin care lotion - Vicky's Lotion

Beautiful Earth

Posted on January 24 2012

This skin care lotion was developed for a special client with a special problem – a very delicate skin prone to Redness or Rosacea. Through word-of-mouth more enquiries were received and the lotion was prepared for a number of other clients. Thanks to the positive feedback, Beautiful Earth decided to make it part of their skin care range.

Asked about the unusual name, Ciska Venter, General Manager at Beautiful Earth said: “The name Vicky’s Lotion was not planned, it just happened! Vicky is a real person and from the outset we simply referred to the lotion as ‘Vicky’s Lotion’, so the name stuck”.

The essential oils Calendula and Helichrysum were chosen to help calm and heal the skin. Rose and Frankincense were chosen for their cell renewing and rejuvenating properties. The nourishing, protecting effects of this gentle day cream moisturise and rebalances the skin. It should be applied in the morning to a freshly cleansed and toned face and neck, using gentle stroking movements.

Ciska explained the condition known as Redness/Rosacea: “Often referred to as 'adult acne', Rosacea occurs when the small blood vessels close to the skin's surface become dilated, leading to redness, soreness and irritation. It can develop into a chronic condition, but a few changes to your lifestyle, particularly reducing stress and sun exposure, in combination with gentle, natural skin care products from Beautiful Earth can reduce symptoms”.