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Beautiful Earth supports Cotlands Madiba Day campaign

Beautiful Earth

Posted on June 20 2012

Madiba dedicated 67 years of his life to fight for our political emancipation. To honour his legacy the Nelson Mandela Foundation has urged all South Africans to dedicate 67 minutes of their time to doing good.

Cotlands has launched a campaign whereby individuals and businesses can support Madiba Day by donating 67 products to its worthy cause. Ciska Venter, General Manager of Beautiful Earth said: “Beautiful Earth has been a partner and supporter of Cotlands in terms of the social equity component of our sustainability policy, since July 2011. It is therefore our pleasure to support their Madiba Day campaign,in a way celebrating the first anniversary of our relationship.”

Beautiful Earth has identified two personal care products that can be used throughout Cotlands’ network, 67 units of each will be added to the regular monthly donation of Baby Barrier Cream.


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