Beautiful Earth teams up with Cotlands

July 04, 2011

Beautiful Earth teams up with Cotlands

Beautiful Earth has joined forces with Cotlands in their “Make a difference” campaign. For Beautiful Earth sustainability is based on three separate but equally important aspects namely, economic prosperity, environmental quality and social equity. It is in terms of the latter, the social equity, that Cotlands is supported.

Says Ciska Venter, General Manager: “We chose to support Cotlands because of their approach towards care. Not only do they have a national reach and impact, they go about their business in an open and honest way, by empowering children and their families to improve their quality of life”.

Cotlands is supported in two ways. Firstly, the online shop will be made available as a convenient channel for donations by clients. Every cent donated by a client is shown on his/her invoice and the total amount is paid over, without any deduction. Secondly, a monthly donation of Nappy Rash Cream is given as part of the home based- and residential care initiatives.

Cotlands is a non-profit organization caring for vulnerable children through a variety of residential and community-based programmes. These programmes include paediatrics hospices, places of safety, home based care projects, nutrition and early childhood development centres. The goal of all these projects is to provide quality care and support to at-risk children from birth to 12 years of age, as well as their families, through a holistic trans-disciplinary team approach in a specific geographical area. Roy Bingham, Marketing and PR Manager for Cotlands said “Cotlands is proud of our partnership with Beautiful Earth. Because of the excellent product donated, our children’s skin has improved dramatically. We’re also excited to partner with the online donation campaign, which assists us in our ongoing task of providing for our little ones everyday”.

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