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Posted on April 16 2017

“During the December holidays, I worked in the garden and only realised that night that I got sunburnt quite badly. My sister immediately handed me a tub of your Baby Barrier Cream, with the Lavender and Calendula essential oils and I applied it to the sunburnt area on my shoulders, neck and back. It was instant relief - The burning sensation dissappeared immediately and my skin did not feel sensitive at all anymore– all this after only 1 application! I can now only image what a baby’s bottom feels like when the Barrier Cream is applied! I continued to apply a thick layer of the Baby Barrier Cream 3-4 times a day, for about a week and my skin did not form any blisters or start to peel! The cream absorbed quickly into my skin and did not leave any residue, my skin felt soothed and nourished for hours. The scent is wonderfully soothing and calming too. This Barrier Cream is fantastic, and is now a permanent feature in my house  – I know this will not protect against the sun, but I use it as an aftersun cream, and even as a body moisturiser at times! I am super impressed with your natural products, your service is impeccible, and delivey times unmatched! I will certainly continue to use your products for years to come!”
Sandra - Pretoria, South Africa


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