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Beautiful Earth

Posted on April 16 2017

“I have had problem skin (on my face) since I was a teenager. My skin is generally very dry and becomes irritated easily. I also suffer from quite severe flushing. About 5 years ago a friend of mine recommended Beautiful Earth products. I am quite convinced that they saved my face! My skin changed dramatically for the better. They even developed a face cream especially for me to calm my skin. I especially cannot imagine life without their Pomegranate night cream. I would strongly recommend their products and their service is wonderful, always prompt and always friendly and helpful. Their prices are also very reasonable and suitable for all budgets. I have recently become addicted to their Pillow Mist, which helps to give me peaceful dreams.” And later....”Hi, just to let you know I am sooo impressed with your new hand cream. My hands have never been softer!”
Vicky - Cape Town, South Africa


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